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Lilly is a Happiness Empowerment Facilitator who takes her clients to go beyond the normal, mediocre and average to achieving their best selves. She is a Game Changer of Magnitude and has taken on many twists and turns in her personal & professional life. She was born in Bombay, India to a Zoroastrian family and is the first generation of Persian to be born in India.


Lilly's journey has given her the opportunity to step into being the powerhouse and the source for nurturing her children's journey, dreams and aspirations. She has ventured out on different career paths, including Organisation Development, Re Structuring and Change Management, Media and Publishing World, MICE, Marketing and Sales Strategist, Market Researcher and Developer of New Ideas, Products, Concepts and so much more.


Lilly has an MBA in Media & Marketing from The University of Leicester and is a certified Access Consciousness BARS® Facilitator. She has facilitated many workshops and assisted innumerable people, and has created a space of possibilities with her contagious Happy Wealthy Lilly Laughter.


She is currently facilitating a life coach and has created her unique program, "Joyfully Coaching the Coach".

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