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About Me

I am on a joy ride of a journey to create a happy planet…. Interested? 

About Me:  
Happy Wealthy Lilly is a..... 

Game Changer of Magnitude. 
A Happiness Empowerment Facilitator. 
An Access Consciousness  BARS® Certified Facilitator.
An Access Energetic Facelift Certified Facilitator. 
An Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Worksop Practitioner. 
A Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. 
A Light Language Body Worker. 
Energetic Space Clearings Wizard

Lilly’s journey has taken on many twists and turns in both her personal & professional life. On the personal front, parenting 2 children single handed since the youthful age of 24, Lilly’s journey from a young independent girl to being a single mother, has given her the opportunity to step into being the powerhouse and the source for nurturing her children's journey, dreams and aspirations.

Due to this RESPONSE ABILITY, on the professional front, Lilly has been bold enough to change tracks several times and  has ventured out on different career paths. 

Amongst them are....... Organisation Development...... Re Structuring and Change Management........Media and Publishing World....... MICE...... Marketing and Sales Strategist....... Market Researcher and Developer of New Ideas, Products, Concepts and so much more.......

Lilly Is A Happiness Empowerment Facilitator where she takes her clients to go beyond the normal, mediocre and average....... To achieving their best selves.

Lilly is a CONNECTOR:  A connector of possibilities.   She brings in her own unique signature of happiness, joy & gratitude. Conducting private sessions, groups training, meditations and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness. 

Lilly has helped people all over the globe in optimizing their unique talents and abilities and helped change their lives.  Lilly was born in Bombay, India to a Zoroastrian family.   Being of Persian Heritage, in her family she was the first generation of Persian to be born in India, which contributed to her being raised in a multi cultural environment & led to a global curiosity of studying and getting to know about different ethnicities.

This curiosity inspired her Mother to encourage Lilly to learn the various Classical Indian Dance forms like Kathak, Manipuri & Bharat -Natyam. Lilly is also a trained professional singer & can sing in Hindi & English. She aspires to sing in Spanish…. Soon…..plays various Indian instruments, like the tabla and harmonium. 

This journey started from the tender age of 4 and went on till the age of 18.  She attained an MBA in Media & Marketing from The University of Leicester. A thoroughbred in marketing & sales, Lilly has trained and hosted workshops to new graduates in this field.  

In 2015 Lilly was invited by Manipal University, School of Business to facilitate a Happiness Empowerment Talk for graduating students and to be a part with the faculty team, conducting mock interviews.  

Her journey with Access Consciousness started in 2013 when she received her first class, after which she proceeded to become a certified Access Consciousness BARS® Facilitator in 2014. 

In her journey she has facilitated many workshops and assisted innumerable people.   Her workshops are fun where she creates a space of possibilities with her contagious Happy Wealthy Lilly Laughter.  

Amongst Lilly’s many talents is her gentle healing touch. Lilly takes you on a meditative journey where no 2 meditations are the same. She is currently facilitating a life coach, and this has inspired Lilly to create her unique program, “Joyfully Coaching the Coach.” Watch this space for more.  Lilly loves to surprise you with her signature Tea & Cakes amongst other culinary dishes.   Come join the joy ride……………………………..

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