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I was introduced to Lilly, NO, our meeting was forced upon me by the Universe and through a beautiful medium named Ahlaam. 
I was at one of the lowest points I’d ever reached, personally and professionally. I was out of work, been through the wringer from a broken relationship and in general, nothing was working out for me. My life had been turned on its head and I was just existing. Lilly identified my issues instantly. She ran my bars!!! This process freed me of a lifetime of rules, lies and limitations. She was not just running my bars, she was in my head, getting to the root of the issues and just letting that S*&! go. Lilly is an authentic, concerned, and truly beautiful healer. Her gentle touch and resounding laughter will bring you clarity, peace and a clear way forward. 
Would I recommend her? ABSOLUTELY I would.

Mary Rose Chambers 
Office Manager at Amundi Asset Management. 

I had a wonderful experience to have a meditation with Happy Wealthy Lilly. It was so amazing and marvelous, and oh what a wonderful experience, that I just cannot explain it in my words. I was into the realm of happiness, peace, ease & joy. I wish for everyone to experience this exuberance of ease, peace & calmness, which Lilly has to offer to us. Thank you Lilly. I have enormous gratitude for you Lilly. I can even feel the vibration of the day when I was in meditation with you Lilly. Lilly has also facilitated me for the How To Become Money Work Book. WOW. This has literally changed my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Lilly. 

Ms. Gawanya. 
Certified Access Consciousness BARS ® Facilitator. Make it stand out.

Lilly is a life coach with a gift of extrapolation, trainer and certified facilitator of Access Consciousness who assists her clients to reach beyond, and discover their best selves.  Conducting private sessions, group training and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, Lilly has helped people in optimizing themselves and their lives.Every time I talk with Lilly, it makes me happy, and through our conversations I find the possibilities that I hadn't seen before. Thank you for showing me how to look at my greatness and that I am a bright shining light!!! 

Melvin M M 

Managing Director Healthcare 

Lilly’s work experiences, the knowledge and background knowledge about companies in the UAE are countless worthy. She is a positive, flexible and fast thinker and sees immediately the whole picture of a situation. That means, she would always find a solution for the customer and for the company, she works for. Her solutions are on the spot. She uplifts customers and colleges through her joyful expression. 

Karin Meyer-Reumann, Sesam Business Consultancy, Sesam Omniverse.

I had my first bars session with Lilly and it was nothing short of amazing! She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. She saw right through the issues I was facing and worked through them with me. I felt light, free and released of all tension after. I sleep much better than I used to and have a much calmer mind. How does it get better than this?

Aahat Sajnani

At first I thought this is another 3rd eye opening practice and so on, I soon changed my mind and in fact, Lilly made me see the magic and beauty of this world. Because of Lilly’s magick my life has changed and it is changing to the better. Thank you Lilly for your kindness and dedication to make this world a better place.

Digital Wand'erer (Rahif Bshennaty) 

That's awesome mom. It's nice that you can make people laugh and bring them some space. 
Yohaan Kerawalla
A seasoned videographer, editor and ex producer.

I have taken access class and face lift class with lilly and was my best experience ever she is sharing her knowledge and time to answer all questions patiently with lovely and happy face 🥰even after class finished I will recommend her for anyone thank you lilly for everything 

Noor Alamri 🙏

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