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Access Consciousness BARS®  with Verbal Processes & Clearings 

Have you stopped dreaming?  Have you given up on having a new start to life? Are you looking to scratch the surface and open up to all the possibilities that you knew were possible as a child? Would you like to be able to erase all the so called bad momories that seem to stick with you, which affect all your choices in life? Are you willing to have a clean slate and start over? As we grow up, we start to carry with us all the good and bad that life has thrown our way. 
All the memories are stored in our heads as a form of energy, which our body clings to. Would you like to let go of all the junk and delete all those files that have been  stored for so long and that do not serve you? Let's move on. 

Access Consciousness provides us with the release that we are so looking for. This allows us to rid ourselves of all the stuck energy, which in turn frees up our space in our heads to create something new and wonderful in our lives. 
There are tools and processes that an Access Consciousness Facilitator will use,  that helps you get rid of all the past and the reference point of the past, which helps you to view life from a new perspective and create more space for choice. 


A Super Power. 
A new reality opens up allowing us to see the endless possibilities life has to offer.

Access Energetic Facelift Facilitation


This is a gentle hands on non invasive touch therapy that lifts you out of your no choice world to a creative zone. How would you choose your life to be from now on? How would you like to see the world? How about tapping into YOU?  

Happiness Empowerment Facilitation

Hands on Body Processes

Access Body Processes 


My Body 

Your Body 

Our Bodies 


⭐️ Body is the one thing that we all have. Some different than the other. Others more different than the rest. 


⭐Do you know that we are all one of a kind? 


⭐️ That Our Body Is The One & Only Masterpiece?


⭐Would you like to know that your body is a true gift to you and your life? 



⭐️ What if our bodies are a gift that is waiting for us to acknowledge..... And in return is happy and willing to gift to us, our life and our living?

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